Ultimate Mindful
Sur-Thrival System™


Welcome to our vision, mission, and strategy for developing the Ultimate Manifestation of what we are sharing with you. It is our intention to share this information and our invitation with anyone who may be interested in participating as a collaborator, author, strategic alliance partner, sponsor, or donor to our affiliated non-profit organizations, as contributors to our forthcoming crowdfunding campaigns, and potentially as investors in our affiliated cause-oriented companies.


The Ultimate Mindfulness Sur-Thrival System TM includes books, journals, card decks, videos, online courses, and membership services from our nonprofit organization Planet Blessed and our partners. Like Planet Blessed, these new resources are being co-created by Leslie Riopel and Charles Betterton, coauthors of the Bless the Mess Mindfulness Sur-Thrival Journal and other related products.


The Bless the Mess Mindfulness Sur-Thrival Journal, now available on Amazon contains 53 unique mindfulness exercises and affirmations to help you sur-thrive in a challenging new world. The exercises in this self-discovery empowerment journal can help you bless the mess and embrace any uncertainty so you can see the magic and even the infinite possibilities around the next corner.  Just like the lotus flower blooms amongst the mud and the muck, you can as well. What you decide to seed and let grow defines who you are.

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Bless the Mess Affirmation Cards

These Mindfulness Cards are beautifully designed to help you Bless the Mess and Sur-Thrive. They contain all 53 of the Bless the Mess Affirmations. The first 2 of 5 products we have already created at Make Playing Cards are already available in our MPC store at  Ultimate Destiny Land - By the way, the prices listed are only placeholder prices until we can order enough sets to reduce our costs.

If you enjoyed this sneak peek you can view our entire display of Bless the Mess Affirmation Cards on our site.